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Chained hashing implementation

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This project is chained hashing implementation that can be freely included into programs by including chainedhashing.h.

A default hash function is provided by hashlittle() taken from lookup3 by Bob Jenkins. Custom hash function can be used by editing the configuration directives in the header.


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A simple Java framework for the WHOIS protocol.


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mod_defunc is an Apache module that allows you to define values inside the apache conf file. Furthermore you will be able to use the IfDef expression to use your defined values to make conditional execution of configuration commands possible.


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tvnamer is a utility renames files from to Some Show - [01x03] - The Episode Name.avi (gets the episode name from, via tvdb_api)


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An IRC bot framework that features dynamically loadable and unloadable Python models, an event driven architecture, multi-network support, SSL support, authentication mechanisms, and remote-modules.

Tyler is the mascot of the IRC channel and runs modules that are tied-in with a lot of our web based software.

Yeti Crab Transcoder

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An simple, straight forward application that can strip the audio from the majority of audio and video files and re-encode the source files to an output format. Currently a choice between mp3 and ogg.

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