Project leader: doug

About this project

An simple, straight forward application that can strip the audio from the majority of audio and video files and re-encode the source files to an output format. Currently a choice between mp3 and ogg.

This project has only really just started but is making progress fast. I hope to have a stable version within the next few weeks to share.

Preview of YetiCrab 0.5.0


The current features are:

  • Single batch processing
  • Add and remove files of multiple input formats to the batch queue
  • Ability to start, pause and stop the processing of the batch
  • Rip input files to waveform and then encode the waveform into either ogg or mp3
  • A selectable output directory to store the processed files in
  • Progress reporting in the shape of percentage bars for each phase of each transcoding as well as overall batch progress
  • Searches your system for known rippers and encoders and automatically adds new output formats
  • A preferences dialog to allow a user to set a persistent configuration
  • Option to remove files after processing, on windows they are sent to the recycle bin
  • Option to just rip to a .wav
  • Option to just encode from a .wav to one of the supported output formats

The features that will be implemented before the 1.0 release:

  • Estimated remaining time and the system time of completion
  • Meta data transfer: Copy over tags such as audio Artist, Album, Title, etc
  • Option to output the transcoded file into the same directory as the original file

Far future features:

  • Batch lists that contain a list of files to load into the batch



Users of Unix-like systems should ensure you have at least MPlayer installed and in your PATH environment variable and at least one of LAME, or Ogg Encoder (part of vorbis tools)


For ease of use on windows we have a package especially built for Windows. Two encoders and one ripper application is bundled in this package. All three tools are licensed until GPL. They are a windows build of LAME, a windows build of Ogg Encoder 2, and a windows build of MPlayer


Here are the current development builds. These may be unstable and some features may be lacking. There is a issue tracking system set up for this project here. If you find anything new, please by all means report it.

A note about the following, as they are development builds debugging is enabled on them. A log file will be created and filled with debug messages. If you find an error please attach that debug.log file with your bug report.



If you are not running on Windows then you must have Python, PyGtk, MPlayer and a supported encoder installed in order to make use of these.



All YetiCrab code is licensed under the GPLv2 license. All other materials are the properties of their respective owners.


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