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Excellent. Easy to build and stabilizes the samba connection very well, with Debian Lenny and Windows 7 on a 100Mb/s regular ethernet connection.

Before when I was transferring a file and listening to a FLAC from a shared folder on the debian box the audio would sometimes drop out, while the file transferred between 10 -13 MB/s. With LLTD I was uploading a torrent with rtorrent at 118KB/s (max for the line is 140), copying a 11gig file to Windoze while listening to Vivaldi with no interruptions at a solid 11MB/s, very little fluctuation in the rate.


N.B The neverfear wget download gets a 404 so I just nano'd and copy pasta'd the script from the guide.


Thanks for the feedback! The link had obviously got damaged during a migration into new site code. I've fixed it up. I also had some trouble testing it because limits.h wasn't properly included. In the command steps I included one to fix that.

I went from top to bottom copying and pasting the commands and it worked pretty easily.

I also beautified the script code a little as that seemed to have been trashed in the migration too!

Any other feedback appreciated!


It's great server side LLTD app. Is there a client for LLTD under linux systems?


Read here to make your linux box appear on the Windows 7 network map.

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