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June 2019

Build hsdis for JDK 1.11 on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS by doug on Sunday 9th

October 2018

Build hsdis for JDK 1.8 on Ubuntu by doug on Sunday 14th

July 2018

Setting up Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) on Linux by doug on Monday 9th

December 2016

Look guys, let's revise electricity by doug on Sunday 11th

April 2014

JUnit testing System.exit: A small framework by doug on Friday 4th

March 2014

Testing code that calls System.exit in Java by doug on Friday 28th

October 2012

OS X Screen capture from Python/PyObjC by ben on Tuesday 23rd

November 2011

Investigating memory leaks in Python by ben on Sunday 6th

February 2011

Detecting, locating and fixing referenced based heap memory leaks (Java) by doug on Sunday 6th

January 2011

Strong, Soft, Weak and Phantom References (Java) by doug on Saturday 15th

Rename all jpeg files by their exposure date (Bash) by doug on Sunday 2nd

December 2010

Deployment System Requirements by Randall on Sunday 19th

November 2010

Web Designers vs Web Developers by doug on Monday 15th

October 2010

What's Up With the 'File' Menu? by Randall on Monday 4th

September 2010

Object pools (Python) by doug on Saturday 18th

Brute forcing the touring knight problem by doug on Sunday 12th

Why Don't You Use virtualenvwrapper? by Randall on Thursday 9th

How to Streamline Asterisk by Randall on Friday 3rd

July 2010

Prototyping in Python by doug on Monday 12th

Python Challenge Thoughts by Randall on Wednesday 7th

Ternary operator in Python by doug on Monday 5th

Serving Static Content With Django by Randall on Monday 5th

June 2010

Fetching network statistics (Python and Linux) by doug on Saturday 26th

Populating Default ManyToMany Field Values in Django by Randall on Saturday 26th

The Asterisk Spooling Daemon by Randall on Monday 7th

May 2010

Basic XML Parsing with Python and LXML by Randall on Sunday 30th

Setting the desktop wallpaper programmatically (C# Snippet) by doug on Saturday 29th

Ignoring certain content-types with urllib (Python Snippet) by doug on Sunday 23rd

April 2010

Shut Up Woman, Get On My Horse by doug on Wednesday 28th

March 2010

Bash Script: Start irssi (or any process) if not already running via a cronjob by doug on Tuesday 16th

Designing a user-orientated permission system by doug on Sunday 14th

Auto Generate Forms With Django's ModelForm by Randall on Friday 12th

Transparent Telephony - Part 3 - Making and Receiving Calls Using VoIP by Randall on Sunday 7th

Transparent Telephony - Part 2 - Installing Asterisk by Randall on Sunday 7th

tvnamer v2 development by ben on Sunday 7th

Twitter Integration by doug on Friday 5th

How to convert infix to postfix (Python) by doug on Tuesday 2nd

February 2010

How to build a string representation of an integer in any base without bitwise operators by doug on Sunday 28th

BandsInTownPy released by doug on Sunday 28th

User Authentication With Django by Randall on Thursday 18th

A Technical Introduction to Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) by Randall on Wednesday 17th

My Regex Guide as a PDF by ben on Tuesday 2nd

January 2010

How many characters should you allocate for a string representation of any given integer in any given base by doug on Tuesday 26th

A caffine induced sense of humour? I surely hope not by doug on Monday 18th

A Java WHOIS protocol implementation by doug on Saturday 16th

December 2009

My Git by Randall on Friday 4th

November 2009

Performing a Denial of Service (DoS) Attack on a Phone Line by Randall on Saturday 21st

Chained hashing implementation by doug on Friday 6th

October 2009

Lewis wins the first match of the neverfear corewar league by doug on Friday 9th

Cartoon prediction of Corewars Tournament by Lewis on Thursday 1st

September 2009

Setting up synergy auto-start securely by doug on Saturday 26th

Setting up an OpenID delegate for Verisign by ben on Thursday 24th

Woods Don't Go [video] by ben on Wednesday 2nd

August 2009

Transparent Telephony - Part 1 - An Introduction by Randall on Monday 31st

All the video-DSLR's are broken by ben on Sunday 23rd

Conky configuration by doug on Saturday 22nd

Hiding OS X system directories by ben on Friday 21st

Hashing: the whats and the hows by doug on Wednesday 19th

Simpletons guide to git by ben on Wednesday 19th

Utility to create executable Python scripts for Microsoft Windows by doug on Monday 17th

A neater way to print something every x iterations in Python by ben on Monday 10th

New site! by doug on Sunday 9th

July 2009

Coming soon: New site.. version 3! by doug on Monday 27th

Python on Windows: How to get network protocol statistics by doug on Thursday 23rd

Adam Internet Usage Meter (for onpeak/offpeak) by ben on Sunday 19th

My microcode decoder design by doug on Thursday 9th

June 2009

The Jeff Sterling Show: When Jeff met Bob [video] by ben on Friday 19th

May 2009

tvnamer 1.0 by ben on Wednesday 27th

Diffie-Hellman-Merkle key exchange in a nutshell by doug on Monday 18th

Stop iTunes after current song by ben on Friday 15th

Dynamically importing Python modules by filename by doug on Sunday 10th

April 2009

JavaScript tip: How to find the document elements that intersect at a certain coordinate by doug on Sunday 12th

February 2009

An easy technique for ellipsis drawing on JavaScript canvas objects by doug on Wednesday 25th

January 2009

Running Python unittest.main() verbosely by ben on Saturday 31st

Forced software upgrades in the land of web-apps by ben on Friday 23rd

Relaunch of the nullnetwork imagepaste by doug on Wednesday 14th

December 2008

Installing the link layer topology discovery (LLTD) protocol responder on Debian Linux by doug on Wednesday 24th

November 2008

irssi, figlet, greatness by ben on Friday 21st

September 2008

Save the plastic trees by ben on Monday 29th

You, sir, have crossed the line. by ben on Friday 12th

August 2008

MySQL fun by ben on Monday 25th

Installing Python 2.6/3.0 without breaking stuff by ben on Saturday 23rd

Exporting MRS-1608 recordings to .WAV by ben on Sunday 10th

July 2008

Microsofts open source push by doug on Sunday 27th

Compiling git on OS X Leopard by ben on Friday 11th

May 2008

Automatically rename your torrent'd TV episodes by ben on Friday 16th

April 2008

MacPorts/Fink folder icon by ben on Saturday 19th

Download music from songza by AtnNn on Tuesday 15th

The curious condition called "Life" by doug on Wednesday 9th

March 2008

DVDs vs Piracy by ben on Saturday 22nd

Relaunch of some nullnetwork tools by doug on Saturday 1st

February 2008

Editing Microsoft MSN Messenger Ads by Neil on Friday 29th

Regex tutorial for people who should know Regex, but do not.. Part 2 by ben on Monday 18th

Super simple (common) php hax for dummies. by doug on Saturday 16th

Regex tutorial for people who should know Regex, but do not.. Part 1 by ben on Friday 15th

Global scientology protests begin by doug on Sunday 10th

January 2008

How to easily stream ascii videos by doug on Thursday 31st

Using ICMP tunneling to steal Internet by doug on Sunday 27th

Banish the Perian Preference Pane by ben on Wednesday 16th

dbr's Computer Setup by ben on Wednesday 9th

Security is sensible defaults by ben on Saturday 5th

Halo 3 Activity Map: Animated by ben on Wednesday 2nd

December 2007

My beef with Apache Cocoon by doug on Thursday 20th

The opening of neverfear by doug on Sunday 9th

Installing Programs on Linux Without root by AtnNn on Sunday 9th

Secure website-authentication using GPG keys by ben on Sunday 9th

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