As part of my directory clean up I have reinstalled some of my old subdomains, but for the project! is a web based Wake-on-LAN client. Great for using your cell phone to wake up your computer. After a busy day at the office to save time, or perhaps you are being a Girl back and you have your computer set up to play mood music on wake ;-) (not so unrealistic, I've done these sorts of things!). Whatever you need it for, here it is. is current under spam bot attack so I've disabled the paste list function, however still a nice little tool, mostly because when anything is pasted it signals our IRC bot to let people know!

There are a few things still to come.

One thing I would like to ask to readers is, does anybody know of a Tor Directory Server still running and available to the public? A while back I ran a website which parsed a directory list and generated files for administrators to use to filter tor (yes I know, don't throw rocks at me! It can be useful from a security point of view) as well as provide information about the tor network. However my directory server went offline and I've been completely unable to find another operational tor directory! If anybody knows of one, let me know so I can set up that site again!