There is a lot of news around about Anonymous lately. I can't say I've ever paid them much attention. I thought what they were doing was mildly amusing. I never expected it would actually have a real world impact.

I fear I underestimated them. Today, a Scientology protest, organised and credited to Anonymous has made the front page news of with this story titled Scientology protests start across Australia, which documents protests in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Protesters were urged to keep their message clear, coherent and to not use geek speak. They were also advised to wear masks to keep their identity Anonymous

Protesters in London

I am an atheist, and I'm sure many of the readers of this site also are. I am critical of anything which does not involve some measure of rationality and evidence. I think many people have seen how mentally unstable Tom Cruise appeared in the web video Scientologists are authorities on the mind: Cruise.

cough. Cuckoo.

I think peoples view of Scientology is largely similar to how its presented here. Anyone who has heard anything about Scientology probably knows the science fiction story behind it and known that it is a bit suspect in regards to paying to believe!

What is most interesting about this Anonymous movement is it seems to be one of the first movements based solely on the Internet that has a religious (or anti-religious) agenda and that is actually being taken seriously by the media.

In the event you've been living under a rock, some other youtube videos that you might like to see, which support their web-based campaign against the Church of Scientology follows:

Anonymous message 1

"Scientology message" 1

Anonymous message 2

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