Ladies and Gentlenerds, Spiders, and bots.

You've found this site because you most likely like technology, computers, coding, learning or Jack Daniels. You may be interested in coding as a hobby, or perhaps you're interest is professional. Perhaps you're just bored. In any case NEVERFEAR! This site is here.

This site is the work of a few e-friends who wanted to try and light the social fire of a technology community. It is as much a website as it is an IRC network. As it is a group of friends.

You will notice there is no register-account button or link. This is because we want to know you before we allow you to write on this site! If you are interested in contributing, we'd love to hear from you on the IRC network where we can get to know you as you try to socially engineer us.

We hope to promote learning or at the very least cure our boredom. We hope to do this by writing articles, blog entries, rants, hints and tips. Share what we know with you.

In short NEVERFEAR is a place of love, of creepiness, a place of late night laughter and of Cyrus' scarily deep voice.

We invite you all to come join us at (6697 for SSL users) #neverfear.

-- Doug