Yes, we are all still alive! The slow release of new content has been a side effect of "life". We apoligise. We hope to correct this situation called "Life" as soon as possible and return to our regular nerding.

For myself, I have been very busy socially and professionally for the past month. Still got a bit to go before it's over. I am getting a new laptop soon (later today in fact. My parents are coming to stay and they are bringing a new one for me! I'm looking forward to seeing it more then I am them!) so perhaps I'll have the processing power to actually open up OpenOffice and get some article writing done!

As for everybody else, they have either been caught up in "Life" either socially or professionally. Ben has a job working for a video editing company (or something like that). Nemmy I think got a girlfriend (the traitor!). Cyrus is still full of excuses why he hasn't posted his mythical article yet. AtnNn seems busy with University. Michael has gone AWOL again and Neil. Who knows?

Perhaps while we wait I will write up some things about my latest project at the CeBIT technology trade fair early last month. Though the summary of the project is not very interesting, the internal architectural and the challenges we faced are.

Until next time!