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The IRC channel

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Server hostname Plaintext port SSL port 6667 6697

Our channel: #heapify

Note that if the irc:// and ircs:// protocols are not registered the above links will probably not work once clicked. Instead copy and paste them into your IRC client.

Neverfear, IRC stats are here!

We keep our IRC statistics here.

What is IRC?

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It's a simplistic chat protocol created in 1988. It is impossible to know precisely how popular and used IRC is as there are so many small and private IRC communities out there that are unlisted however a survey in May 2009 reported that more than half a million people were using the top 100 IRC networks at a time.

You can connect to an IRC network using an IRC client of which there are numerous. Once connected you can join a number of "channels". Think of channels as chat rooms. Channels are most often not regulated by the network operators and this allows for the channel owners to regulate their channel. This often creates a casual, relaxed and free environment for people to chat in.

What is an IRC client?

An IRC client is an application that allows you to connect and interact with an IRC network and the people on that network.

Some IRC applications you may have heard of and that are popular include:

There are of course many more. Wikipedia has a nice list with comparisions at

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