I've been working on a new version of tvnamer, the utility I discussed in "Automatically rename your torrent'd TV episodes"

It's a pretty much complete rewrite. Some of the new features include:

  • Configuration files. In tvnamer v1 you could only customise things like the output filename format by modifying the Python code directly. Now you can create a JSON file at ~/.tvnamer.json which changes any of the default options.
  • Support for multi-episode files, such as scrubs.s01e23e24.avi
  • Support for anime filenames, such as [Shinsen-Subs] Beet - 19 [24DAB497].mkv
  • Much better UTF-8 filename handling
  • Ability to move files to specific location after renaming (/media/tv/{series name}/season {seasonnumber}/ for example)