A few days back I ordered a copy of Scott Chacon's book: Pro Git, which I am really enjoying reading. Scott is an excellent writer, and really does justice to Git. I was reflecting on his enthusiasm, and thinking about my own. Here are my thoughts on Git, and my experience with it over the years.

I started using Git around 2 years ago when I saw a screencast discussing it online. What initially drew me to Git was that it was created by Linus (who was very enthusiastic about it), and that my previous experiences with version control systems (VCS) were horrible. Naturally, I wanted to give it a try, and get back to the best-practices way of doing things (using a VCS).

When I first learned about VCSs, pretty much everyone used SVN or CVS. When I researched them both, there was no doubt in my mind that SVN was clearly the most popular, and so that's what I decided to learn. I started using SVN for all of my code (most of it was hosted on Sourceforge at some point or another), and learned it well enough to push periodic updates to my projects and do basic collaboration with a few other people.