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yay something i can understand and noob friendly. luv it randall, i can see that the back scratches u make me give you are paying off kisses!


Yes, I do so enjoy the back scratches Randall gives me. Not to mention the kisses!

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Sound Cool? OH YES! Can you recommend additionl reading and tutorials? Please!


The best source of information out there is probably the Asterisk source code (you can get this from The next best location is which has a lot of documentation scattered around (some up-to-date, and some outdated). Another good resource are the trixbox forums. trixbox is the largest open source PBX system in the world, and their forums are very active. Feel free to ask asterisk questions and any other telephony questions there for quick responses. I'm a moderator there as well, so I'll most likely see your questions directly and be able to help.

If you want any live assistance, I'm always happy to help out with things. I'm always in the Neverfear IRC channel (look at our IRC page for information on connecting).

My second piece should be out by next weekend.

Thanks for reading :)

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Thanks for this good information.


I was looking for some business phone greetings. There are a few scripts you can check out if you are looking to record one for astrisk or PBX. voicemail greetings

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